Erkasan has been offering high quality and economical products to its customers since 1968.

ERKASAN is a manufacturer of aqua parks and wooden and fiber playgrounds with overflow, skimmer pools, 28 different slides, and is one of the leading companies in the sector with its quality, customer satisfaction and export capacity.
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Erkasan tarafından üretilen yüzme havuzları 5 sene sızdırmazlık garantisi altındadır
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It has been exporting to all over the world including the American continent since 1990 thanks to its skillful hand and machines that shape the polyester in its factory with 6000 m² closed area with a capacity of 700 pools and 20.000 meters of slides per year.


* Always keep the quality and the environment at the forefront.

* To provide the highest quality and reliable products to our customers, by following the laws and moral rules.

* To be a leading company in the sector in terms of technology and quality.

* Being an international company and brand